Wellbeing and Resilience Program

Discover the ways to unlock the business value of wellbeing

You know that everyone faces stresses at work and at home and this is a real problem for your business. But with the right support on wellbeing and resilience you can help your employees overcome these challenges.

Wellbeing and Resilience Challenges You Face

You will benefit from our Wellbeing and Resilience Program if your organization:

          • understands the need for engaged and resilient workforce
          • is during transformation and you want to ensure your people will handle the change with ease
          • wants to decrease the costs abbreviated from stress related factors
          • wants to support employees to stay resilient towards stressors
          • understands the relation between performance at workplace and wellbeing
          • understands that a positive and engaged workforce is the bedrock of any successful organization

How we help you

Our concept helps your organization turn reactive problem coping approach to proactive wellbeing awareness. Wellbeing involves having positive self image and esteem. Resilience, which is directly related to wellbeing, is about having the ability to cope with and adapt to new situations.

The program builds on discoveries collected on your employees’ stressors and turns them into reactive workshops for other people in your organization. It takes the different needs of workers into consideration when putting wellbeing culture into work.

Wellbeing and Resilience Program Elements


Exploring the needs of people and status of the organization

Center of Support

Establishing the contact lines for people with extensive internal communication

Helping Individuals

Professional help for employees to cope with their problems individually

Thematic Workshops

Proactive building of coping methods within the organization thematically

Coaching Sessions

Managerial sessions for team leaders on building team resilience

Put employee wellbeing to work as the
key driver of business value!

Why Assessment Systems?

      • We implement international quality standards
      • We utilize a panel of international professionals
      • We have a glocal approach
      • We turn objective discoveries to proactive insights
      • We identify critical organizational stressors
      • We support individuals on every organizational levels
      • We put heavier emphasis on cultural changes
      • We have 20 years of international experience
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