Well-being at the Hybrid Office

Managers acted quickly to create a supportive environment that is good for mental health at the onset of the pandemic, even when navigating the complexities of an entirely remote workforce for the first time. Employers are once again faced with the question of how to provide for the mental health and welfare of their employees as more workplaces follow a hybrid model that combines remote and onsite working.

Watch our webinar discussing the latest findings of how remote work impacts wellbeing and the hybrid office trends in workplace organizations. We point out the main challenges leaders will have to face when it comes to employees’ wellbeing and offer you solutions to support your employees.

Key themes of this webinar:
• Employees´ wellbeing – why it really matters
• Hybrid office – how to make it work
• Trends in workplace organization and its main challenges
• How to support your employees even outside the workplace

Download the presentation of the webinar!

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