Soft skill training

Training you have never experienced before! – Assessment Systems International is aware of the newest trends and needs of the training market, is aware of what really works in terms of people development and has revamped the way training can be done. If you just need a casual training for 1 or 2 days, we are ready to deliver it to you, but if you are looking for the best ROI, come and take a closer look to our brand new system.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center (AC) is a highly reliable modern method used in the selection of the most suitable candidate in situations where there are several candidates for one position. As part of AC, candidates are observed in several individual and group situations (job psychodiagnostics, performance tests, model situations, case studies, role play, etc.) that correspond to the competences necessary for success in the given position in the given organization.

Behavioral Event Interview

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) is a form of a structured interview most often used in the process of employee selection. It focuses on gathering information about an individual’s past behavior based on the generally recognized fact that the best indicator of future behavior and performance in a position is past behavior. The interviewer asks open-ended questions and maps the subject’s behavior in situations where he or she had to demonstrate key competences for successfully performance in the given position. The BEI structure uses the STAR model: “S” – situation, “T” – task, “A” – action, “R” result.

Development Center

Development Center (DC) is a highly reliable modern method for mapping the competences of your employees and defining their future development plans.

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