Competency-based assessments

In today’s fast changing business environment the best way for organizations to keep the competitive edge is to have the best talent. Competency assessments provide quick and efficient solutions for identifying, managing and developing talent. Your organization will benefit from increased productivity and profitability by ensuring employees have the capability to meet their objectives.

Our competency based methods serve to provide a complete image of the candidate’s profile and how they might perform and behave on the job. In order to provide an assessment as precise as possible, we combine personality assessments with competency assessment methods, and by linking personality to performance we can better predict job fit and the candidate’s success in the position.

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Objective and unbiased process

Provides fast, reliable and relevant information about the strengths and weaknesses of candidates and defines comparable competencies of them. Our unique business psychology experts facilitate the process and drive better decisions resulting in a more diverse set of hires with increased likelihood of success.

Sets clear performance expectations

Both parties will benefit from using a realistic list to determine the most suitable candidate, and the degree of compatibility with requirements. Identifying and measuring competencies not only clarifies job tasks to both employers and employees, but more importantly the way they are to be performed.

Realistic and action oriented approach

Competency assessment is designed to reflect the unique environment of the target role and organization and to reveal actual on-the-job behaviors.

Our tried and tested tools are based on worldwide recognized methodologies combined with our unique business psychology expertise.

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The better the candidate’s competencies correlate with the job requirements, the better his/her performance and engagement will be.

From an organizational point of view, competencies are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors required to fulfill the functions needed in the workplace. These requirements help us outline the complex behaviors the organization would like to see candidates perform.

Every job requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. Our approach is always tailor-made to adapt to the position in question as well as your organization’s competency model. Competencies are useful not only to the selection process, but play a role in practically every HR-related procedure. A well designed and operated competency system will boost organizational soft skill development, team building, performance evaluation, succession planning, and talent nurturing to greater efficiency.

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