Discover how to help exiting employees succeed and keep the ones who stay engaged

You know that restructuring is not easy. But the way you say goodbye is important for the people leaving, the team left behind and your employer brand.

Outplacement Challenges You Face

You will value our Outplacement Program if your organization:

        • needs to downsize in times of crisis, restructuring or technology change
        • needs to reduce payroll costs and/or employee headcount to achieve financial requirements
        • needs external resources to support parting employees and internal HR sufficiently
        • is committed to provide a caring redundancy program for employees 
        • is sensitive on its employer brand and market reputation 
        • wants to minimize the risk of adverse impact of downsizing in morale and legal action
        • thrives to keep people left behind engaged

How we help you

Our Outplacement Program consists in professional activation of employees affected by redundancies, supporting them in their professional development, providing them with a sense of security and mental support. We support every level of your organization in downsizing – the parting employees and also the ones who stay.

Outplacement Program Modules

Professional Counselling

Mental Counselling

Career Advise

HR Support

Management Workshops

We empower you to eliminate the
negative effects of saying goodbye!

Why Assessment Systems?

      • We implement international quality standards
      • We deploy a group of international experts
      • We provide professional career advise to parting people
      • We help prevent the adverse impact on mental health
      • We provide tangible impact on people who stay and who leave
      • We help everyone, at every level
      • We focus on brand reputation
      • We provide professional and mental support
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