Leadership Academy

Discover the leader inside by unlocking your leadership potential

You know that it is hard to discover what tomorrow brings for your organization. But with the right leadership development program in place, you can get prepared for the unpredictable future.

Your Leadership Development Challenges

You will benefit from our Leadership Academy if your organization:

        • is in the process of transformation and wants to grow leaders to drive the change
        • needs to maximize its leadership potential to excel on the market
        • is interested in creating synergies at the top level
        • wants to shoot ahead from corporate silos and develop leaders for all levels
        • wants to build capabilities to enable leaders to take on broader leadership roles in an increasingly disruptive world

How we help you

Our concept is an internationally proven process to strengthen leadership capabilities and support effective leadership for organizations. Leadership Academy provides techniques and strategies to handle leadership challenges and tools from first-time managers to mid-managers to become an effective leader.

The scope and the architecture of the modules depends upon the discoveries made within the process of exploration of organization.

Leadership Excellence Model

1 Organizational Discoveries

2 Personal Discoveries

3 Academy

a) Self-leadership
b) Peer-to-peer leadership
c) Team leadership
d) Organizational leadership

4 Individual Growth

5 Team Growth

6 Evaluation

Unlock leadership value at all level and put it to work!

Why Assessment Systems?

      • We implement international quality standards
      • We utilize a panel of international experts
      • We have a glocal approach
      • We align business and leadership goals
      • We identify critical leadership competencies
      • We search for strength to utilize
      • We put heavier emphasis on development
      • We develop global leaders
      • We know what makes a good leader
      • We have 20 years of leadership experience
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