In memory of András Murányi

It is with deepest sadness that we inform you of the passing of András Murányi. András has passed away in June 2022 after a short period of illness.

He has joined Assessment Systems in 2016 and had an active role in our company ever since. Due to his strong analytical approach, unusal remarks and friendly feedbacks, he has contributed to several projects and ideas in Assessment Systems. All of our latest developments and solutions bear the mark of his hand on themselves.

András Murányi R&D Director, ITR Product Manager

He was a reliable and honorable person, whose devotion and engagement to his fellow team members has never declined during these years – despite of the challenges and the circumstances we had to solve together.

In a world where people usually do not stay for 6 years at one workplace, he was a treasure to Assessment Systems: he knew every IT partner we had and every developer we have approached – next to the myriad of decisions and conclusions we made in our research.

Thank you András for your work and contribution to Assessment Systems and to the PRD Team. It was an honour to work with you during these years. We will miss you forever!

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