Humility in Leadership Conference – Zagreb

Humility in leadership does not imply the absence of ego or ambition. Rather, humble leaders are better able to channel their ambition back into the organization, rather than use it for personal gain.

Over 130 decision makers from HR field came together to take part in the conference which key focus was on Humility in Leadership. The conference was addressed to emphasize the importance of humility as a trait when identifying the right people to managerial positions. We are all part of a world where ego trumps modesty and humility is overlooked for arrogance, that is why it is important to give significance to that organizations’ best people are sometimes hidden in the shadows of humility.

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The event featured 7 speakers and panellists, each an expert in their respective field. Please find the summary video here:

Pavle Budinčević, Managing Partner at Assessment Systems Adria kicked off the conference by introducing the significance of Assessment Systems and Hogan Assessments to managers and their employees, and the relevance of humility in the business setting, stating that ‘’To be a good leader you need to bring a little magic to your employees to be motivated, to be inspired. They need a reason. And you need passion and drive.’’

You can download Zsolt Fehér’s presentation by clicking the download button below.

Zsolt Fehér CEO, Hogan Assessments Europe delivered a keynote speech on the topic of humble leadership. Discussing the difference between charisma and humility and the rooted idea that charisma is an indicator of a good leader, Mr Fehér stated that humility, while often overlooked brings better results. ‘’… change is hard – but we need to acknowledge different behaviours – especially when one has a better and positive impact on your organization.’’

You can download Rostislav Benak’s presentation by clicking the download button below.

Rotislav Benak introduced the audience to the topic of team coaching. Mr Benak also explained the benefits of psychodiagnostics in team coaching and the benefits ones team can have from using them. The speech emphasized coaching necessity and its benefits; ‘’Coaching works. Long term – as everything, more success comes with time’’.

Attendees also heard from Helena Karasić HRD, who delivered a lecture on ‘Hogan Tools in Dukat Leadership Projects’. Dukat has used the assessments programs in two of their projects; Dukat managers – 34 managers in sales and marketing and using Hogan as a diagnostic tool for young talents. ‘’Hogan is a great way to answer questions your organization may have, both in advancing your business but also in further developing as an individual’’.

The conversation also spanned among the panellist discussion that featured; Pavle Budinčević, Managing Partner at Assessment Systems Adria, Alan Žepec, CEO at LQ, Rostislav Benak, Chairman of the Board at Assessment Systems International, Irena Kevo, Member of the Board at Sedam IT and Danijela Govorčinović Šimunović, HR Business Partner at Styria Facilitator. The panel discussed a range of topics centred around humility. Ranging from how they perceive influence that humility has on leadership, hiring decisions and recognizing humble employees, as well as the coaching and mentoring opportunities and company culture and the effect on humble leadership. ‘’It’s a learning curve, those who no longer make mistakes don’t because they have made them before and they learned – concluding that humility works the same – you learn faster if you are humbler because you are able to accept; mistakes and the culture and so on, this ultimately makes you more successful – it’s all connected’’ Rotislav Benak.

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